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Staff Engagement in a Remote Work Setting: Treat your people well

We know you’re in the market for a new team member, and we want to help you get the most out of your search.

A thorough work mobility research released this month by the Reserve Bank of Australia shows a dramatic slowdown in job change during the pandemic’s peak, followed by some of the greatest churn rates in recent history. Despite the pandemic labour storm, the ABS predicts a 9.5 per cent mobility rate in 2022.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. They’re the ones who make you successful, and they’re the ones who keep you going when things get tough. And yet, many of them don’t have a stable workplace. At Sudo Staff, we treat our Sudo Staffer like valued staff members, not just one more cog in the machine. As a result, we provide competitive pay and benefits packages, significant paid time off and flexible scheduling.

Teamwork and cooperation are crucial to our corporate culture as invention and creativity.

We also believe in treating our workers with dignity and providing them with the resources they need to accomplish their best work. Our team members are constantly encouraged to ask questions and seek assistance when required, contributing to an environment where everyone feels empowered and supported.

We have excellent staff retention—we’re able to keep our team members happy and engaged when they join us because we care about them as people, not just as workers.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. See what our people think about working with us:

“Sudo staff is a pro-employee company making sure that its people have what is required to be effective and efficient at work. From devices and tools to calibre management and increasing employee benefits. Not to mention the strong support system where I find confidence taking new tasks and interacting with the clients.”

-Celeen Ibañez, Sudo Staff

“Being a remote employee is something I am grateful for because no one will ever have the opportunity to work in this company. My nearly two years as a Sudo staff employee helped me step outside my comfort zone and try new things. I had no idea I could do things I thought I couldn’t, but I could.”

-Patricia Baldimo, Sudo Staff

“Working at Sudostaffing helps me to grow more professionally and personally.

It’s a good start for me as a career change as they don’t require experience as long as you have the skills they are looking for. They are all appreciative and approachable. They also promote work and life balance.”

-Nicolite Fernadez, Sudo Staff

“The position was a great fit for my experience, skills, and knowledge. One of the things I liked too was that we could work from the comfort of our home. Saves time and money which you could just give to yourself, your pets and your loved ones – resulting in improved work-life balance.”

-Duncan Olazo, Sudo Staff


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