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REMOTE STAFF OUTSOURCING: Why Hire Staff From The Philippines?

The Philippines is a giant pool of qualified talents. If you are looking for English-speaking employees, this is one of the best countries to find your virtual assistant.

One of the best benefits of hiring remote workers is access to global talent. Company recruitment used to be limited only to your office location. However, technology and innovation enable us to reach parts of the globe where we can get more talent options that would fit the job description. One of the best countries to hire employees is the Philippines.

If you’re looking into hiring Filipino workers or wondering why many developed countries prefer hiring Filipino workers, you have come to the right place. We have listed the advantages of hiring remote Filipino workers and how to hire one, so continue reading. 

Advantages of Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

  1. The Philippine workforce is English proficient.

    The Philippines’ 2nd language is English which is why it is ranked 5th largest English-speaking country in the world in terms of population, with more than 111M+ English speakers. Meanwhile, the Philippines is ranked 22nd out of 111 countries in the 2022 edition of the English Proficiency Index (EPI) by Education First (EF), an international education company.

    With such a large population of English speakers, the Philippines is a great country to find your future employees.

  2. Cheaper cost of living.

    As the Philippines is a developing country, the cost of living is 50% cheaper than in Australia. Suppose you hire a remote worker from the Philippines or other countries in general. There are many things to consider, such as labour laws, time differences, taxes, minimum wage, benefits, holidays, and so much more. These can seem overwhelming if you are new to remote staff recruitment.

    Sudo Staff can help you with that. With Sudo Staff, you no longer have a problem with the hows of remote staff recruitment. All you have to do is sign-up and pay for your remote staff. Once your remote staff is ready, you can immediately give them tasks. Sudo Staff will be the one to take care of your staff’s salary and other benefits.

  3. Filipino is equal to hard-working.

    No matter where Filipinos go around the world, one quality other nationalities love is that Filipinos are very hard-working. Filipino workers are extremely polite and happy folk and one of the best employees you can find.

    Aside from these traits, Filipinos are also known to be hospitable, friendly, loyal, and great communicators. These are also why the Philippines is one of the top countries of choice for travel vacations.

  4. The Philippines is close to Australia.

    One of the things to consider when looking for a virtual assistant is the country’s time difference from Australia. Philippine time is only 2 hours behind Australian time. This means there will be less adjustment for your staff regarding the working hours.

  5. The Philippine culture is where the East meets the West.

    Filipinos embrace the foreign culture. Though the Philippines is located in Asia, most of its traditions are very western compared to its neighbouring countries. The connection behind this may have something to do with the 400-year colonisation of Spain into the Philippines. After that, the Philippines was then colonised by Americans for 48 years.

    To this day, the influence of Spain and America on the Philippines continues. They enjoy English movies and embrace the Western lifestyle, fashion, and sports. 

  6. Filipino workers are in demand all over the world.

    The Philippines is regarded as one of the top manpower providers in the world. This is because of its availability of highly qualified workers, be they skilled, semi-skilled, or professional. They are also adaptable. You can find Filipino workers from the low ranks to the top positions in any industry.

    One of the best aspects of Filipino workers is their loyalty and reliability, which provides much needed stability for you with your workforce.

    Because of the Philippines’ reputation for offering world-class talent and services, a lot of foreign companies prioritise Filipino workers over others.

Hire remote staff from the Philippines.

Are you convinced to hire Filipino remote workers? You are making the right choice! With the right skills and the proper attitude Filipino workers give toward their employers, the Philippines is definitely one of the best countries to hire your future employees.

Sudo Staff is an Australian company providing Philippine-based remote workers. Our founders are two Australian lawyers who believe in the great potential of Filipino workers and offer it to other Australian companies in need of top-tier remote services.

With Sudo Staff, you will no longer have to worry about the recruitment process. Sudo Staff will take care of the staff outsourcing and interview process. If Sudo Staff has a readily available staff that meets your staffing needs, we can get them ready within 48 hours. Easy right?

To know more about our services, visit Our Services page.

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